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Every Scouting unit must recharter with the Boy Scouts of America annually.  The charter renewal is done online in order to simplify and expedite this process. The online process will be available beginning on November 1st.  You will need a unit CODE and only ONE PERSON should be assigned to completing this process. The codes will be handed out at DECEMBER ROUNDTABLE, available from your unit commissioners, or by calling the Service Center at 956-423-0250.

System Requirements: You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to complete the on-line Charter Renewal and view the training. You can access the Internet with AOL, etc., but you must open the Internet Explorer browser to view the Web pages correctly. Netscape, Firefox, Safari or other browsers will not work correctly.

Step 1 (Required):
Understanding the process and collecting key information before starting the charter renewal will save you time and headache. Please complete the following.

  1. Review Internet Recharter Dec 2020. Refer to powerpoint often.
  2. Complete your unit's Membership Inventory between October and December.

Step 2 (Optional but very useful):
Additional training for anyone who wants to learn more about how Internet Rechartering works view an Internet Rechartering tutorial and view the online help by clicking below.

Step 3 (Required):
Once you have finished the training, and have collected all of your information, you can begin the Charter Renewal by clicking on the button below. Remember that you must complete this step for each unit your organizations sponsors. For many organizations, this means that you must submit a charter for your pack, your troop, your team and your crew. As you begin each charter, select 'First Time User' and create your password.

Remember that this charter information will be updated in the BSA system effective February 1, 2021. If you have new youth or adults join your unit in 2020, you must submit those applications directly to the Scout Service Center before they will show up in Internet Advancement.


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For details on unit requirements, position codes and the number of adults required to charter your unit Click Here

Please contact your unit commissioner or district executive if you have questions regarding the charter renewal process or need further assistance. Other Information

 Insurance Fees

The Internet Rechartering Program does not include the Rio Grande Council’s insurance recovery fee of $1.00 per youth and adult. Please be sure to complete the worksheet on the outside of the charter renewal envelope provided to you. The paper Charter Renewal Report Package, required applications, fees and the envelope are to be returned to your district commissioner or executive. Please note: units chartered to the LDS church provide their own insurance and do not pay the council insurance fee.

Adult Leader Training is required 

All adult are required to provide proof of current YPT and the complete minimum requirement of a fully trained adult leader in the position that will be serving. To see the fully trained requirements Click Here.

System Availability 

The BSA`s ScoutNET system may be down for normal system maintenance 8 PM Saturday to 5 PM Sunday. This means a unit just starting the process will not be able to load the “real-time” council data during this time. Unit renewal processors who have already registered the unit and loaded data can continue processing and submitting the data during this time. 

It is highly recommended that one register and load the data during the week, which takes just a few short minutes. 

The Internet Rechartering System is not connected to the BSA membership database (ScoutNET) other than to take a "snapshot" of your unit`s current roster. It does NOT make any changes to your unit's current year membership roster. Until you press the SUBMIT button, you can add or delete members as needed. The council can also reset your unit`s data and password upon request. If additional corrections need to be made after you have electronically submitted your charter, they can be made to the paper renewal roster which you turn-in with your registration fees.

Unit Promotion - How it Works

The unit promotion feature allows currently registered youth or adults to be promoted from a pack to a troop, a troop to a team, or from a troop or team to a crew. The system works by "pulling" the Scout from a lower unit into the higher unit.

If you will be processing multiple units, begin with the Cub Scout pack, then troop, then team, and then crew. Complete each unit`s charter in order. This will make it easier to identify graduating youth as well as those adults with multiple registrations. Do not renew graduating youth in the unit they are graduating from.

EXAMPLE: Tommy Tenderfoot is listed as a Webelos Scout in Pack 123, but graduated to Troop 123 in May. When processing the pack, you do not renew Tommy in the pack. After completing the pack recharter, you move on to the troop`s renewal.

During Stage 2-Review Roster, The ICR system will ask if you wish to promote someone from another unit. The system will then list all of the units chartered to your organization. You can also review other units if needed. You choose the pack and a list of youth and adults will be listed. Select Tommy Tenderfoot and other members to be promoted and complete the process as directed. They will now show on the troop`s roster.

Remember to adjust the fees during Stage 4-Summary for those adults who hold multiple registrations in other units.

Charter Turn-In

Your council will be offering special personalized appointments during the months of January 2021 where you can turn-in your completed charter renewal package to your district commissioner or district executive. These meetings will also allow you to ask questions and get help if you need it. Meeting dates by appointment with our office call us at 956-423-0250.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Social Media Chair

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