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Important resources you need to know exist for your Unit’s Tour

Even if it’s a tour to the park or an event at camp you need to have these things available in cause of any emergency.


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2. Medical forms are now required for all events for more information




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3.      Rio Grande Council Insurance Certificate


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The (NEW) Adventure Plan:



  2. Guide to Safe Scouting

  3. Enterprise Risk Management Guidebook .

  4. Commitment to Safety

  5. Checklists

  6. The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety



A cross-functional team has completed an evaluation of the BSA's Tour and Activity Plan, resulting in a recommendation to terminate the plan effective April 1, 2017.
A selected few FAQs will provide answers to the questions we anticipate most people using said tool might have regarding the rationale and process for the termination.
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Q. Why are you terminating the plan? What does this mean for me, my unit, council and the Scouting family?
A. The Scouting program, as contained in our handbooks and literature, inherently integrates safety considerations. However, no policy or procedure will replace the review and vigilance of trusted adults and leaders at the point of program execution. We expect that the elimination of the BSA Tour and Activity Plan will:

  • Reduce complexity, cutting back on processes and paperwork for unit leaders.
  • Increase consistency with the Commitment to Safety, the Guide to Safe ScoutingRisk Assessment Strategy, as well as Camp Standards planning tools.
  • Change the conversation, engaging everyone in risk-based planning vs. process.
  • Eliminate processing, freeing staff to focus on membership and removing administrative burden.

Q. When does this go in effect?
A. The termination of the plan is effective on April 1, 2017.

Q. Is the change simply - Don't have to fill out a Tour and Activity Plan anymore?  All the other steps are the same? 
A. The program hasn’t changed. For example, permission from parents is still needed to take youth on a trip, as would be program requirements for annual health and medical records for all participants. The Cub Scouts camping program is still limited to council approved locations, and so on.

?Q. Will the liability insurance policy still provide coverage if a tour and activity plan is no longer required? 
A. Yes.  Registered volunteers are provided primary general liability insurance coverage for official scouting activities except when using an automobile or watercraft. A volunteer’s (whether registered or not) automobile liability insurance is primary with the local council automobile policy providing excess automobile coverage. Non-registered volunteers are provided excess general liability and automobile liability insurance coverage for official scouting activities. Link. There is not a requirement to fill out a form for coverage.

Q. What is an official scouting activity?
A. An official scouting activity is defined in the insurance policy as consistent with the values, Charter and Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, the operations manuals, and applicable literature of the Boy Scouts of America. Link.

Review Full 2017 Document Here

Additional Resources regarding Plan Termination: 

  1. Scouting Magazine Article 
  2. Risk Management In Scouting 


2021 Description of Insurance Coverage for Units

The Rio Grande Council, Inc. has a blanket accident insurance policy covering all registered youth and adults. A copy of this policy is recommended to be in the hands of unit leaders while traveling or during any event where Scouts may require medical attention.

Learning for Life participants are also covered under this policy, under the Learning for Life program.



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